Duty field 3 years urticant how to flinch
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Have in marriage " 7 years urticant " , also have on duty field " 3 years urticant " say, "Urticant " , namely a kind fatigue广州夜网论坛
d and weak, a kind depressed, a kind of anguish. So, in professional career, encounter this to plant " urticant " how should do? It is to choose to find new job, still continue " urticant " go down is choose machine cure hurt? Flinch following trend is at ease of course, but in case flinch wrong place, but urgent evil spirit person.


  Hesitate: Step this one pace hard

Small charming is the nurse of ministry of some hospital emergency call, to the job that comes 3 this years, she has deep feeling quite.

Of emergency call room everyday, always be busy. Volume blood pressure, exsanguinate, give or take an injection, hang an a bit, repeat from morning till night again reduplicative movement, very tired, when serving for the patient that those making a bed on the floor especially, they also must bend a body to have the job all the time, come down for long, actually curved move compares a station the move is tiredder. Outside urgent consulting room, painful sound of the patient, groan sound, sound of the family member's yelp, inquiry, from inchoate patience tolerance, detest to the be agitated later, apply repeat reduplicative language already was " coma " .

   She begins from early actually listless this job, want to find new job.

When but become her to want to turn,going, however indecisive. Now, she the salary of a month 7 calculate 8 calculate also have 5000 yuan or so, be the income with very good brushstroke. Say she has not married again, struggle again a few years, wages still can rise possibly. And, she had been used to the alexipharmic water odour of the hospital, was used to go to work the nurse that wear is taken, was used to pair of patient inquire after sb's health, if turn now,go, still do not know what oneself can be engaged in working really. The result of hesitate, make she is not stridden up to now piece find new job this one pace.

   Blind: Jump to jump to search to be not worn north

Professional career of Xiaoxie has 3 years, meantime she jumped 3 times groove, average annual. Say normally, xiaoxie should search allow oneself fixed position, find the job that suits oneself, but inner anguish also has herself to know only.

She is graduated from key university, those who read is accounting major, after graduation if she wishs the job that the ground sought a professional be geared to the needs of the job. Be informed the classmate that is the same as major but under entered other industry, xiaoxie feels he is very lucky under contrast. But when her lofty sentiments lofty ideal ground plans what to learn his to be applied when practice is medium, reality gave her very big blow. Be in a company, she is done the simplest, most fundamental job, company core technology is not touched at all, and the thing that the school learns and job differ actually very big. A year of termination of contract, xiaoxie jumped with respect to ground of too impatient to wait groove.

The 2nd job of Xiaoxie is to be in a state-owned company to hold the position of article secret to work. The job just a many month, her enthusiasm and passion begin subsidise, as dry as a chip article secretary job already was without new move to her but character, hinder the deadline at the contract, she can toughen one's scalp-brace oneself continues to be done, every sky comes off work, everyday a pile pile file, pass painstakingly to be able to 't bear character. Working discomfort is next, the human relation in the office also lets Xiaoxie feel pained extremely, "The tower of ivory " in the difference outside mixing often let Xiaoxie offend a person below unwitting circumstance. After termination of contract, xiaoxie jumped again immediately groove.

This she chose to do sale work, inside her tentative idea, the sale can exercise his eloquence not only, still can widen oneself person arteries and veins. But practice comes down however things go contrary to one's wish上海品茶工作室
es, she does not take a client not only, more everywhere be rebuffed. Be in a company, because do not have outstanding achievement to see the boss' look even, do " sandwich biscuits " taste is really bad to suffer!

Now, xiaoxie prepared the 4th times to find new job, but in the heart still very anxious, she suspects: Were oneself gotten " 3 years urticant " disease?

   Angst: Happen after compare

Xiaogao is " new Shanghai person " , after the university graduates, portion content searched to shed the job in Shanghai, come 3 years his wages has risen 4000 yuan, such pay Xiaogao is very satisfactory, but advanced before long on party of college fellow student, he is informed the salary of the schoolfellow small king that becomes in stockjobber to take 8000 yuan unexpectedly, flavor is not quite in his heart.

In the university, xiaogao and small king are fe佛山夜网
llow-townsman, also be the roommate that spreads up and down. In study and school work respect, xiaogao slightly better. When graduation, xiaogao took this present co广州夜网论坛
mpany, have salary 2500 yuan, and ability of Xiaowang having salary 1500 yuan, thinking in those days scene and present scene, how Xiaogao also doesn't want to attend a meeting is such result.

Be in a company, the effort of small Gao Sannian changed an assistant manager only, look at the Xiaoli of university new personality that the year before last year comes in, the family used time of two years to raise the position of the manager only, still be oneself boss. Mix two years 3 years, assistant manager and manager, such difference, xiaogao is speechless.

   Action type

 The first action: Make long-term profession plan.

Discover force of advantage of viewpoint of value of oneself professional interest, profession and profession as early as possible, discover the target job that matchs with oneself and trade early, oneself get more easily also feel happily and be satisfactioned spending in the job.

   The 2nd action: Learn new knowledge, charge for oneself ceaselessly.

Enlarge working skill limits ceaselessly, can enhance the competitive ability of oneself not only, also can get the satisfaction of mentally feels.

   The 3rd action: Measurable stimulation.

Establish a distinctive promotive method for oneself, such as buys a bundle of flower to be put in the office to perhaps be bought for oneself a few those who love is fastfood, may wearing we feel the job appears some more cheerful and comfortable.

   The 4th action: Dredge mood.

Come out the bitter water in abdomen. Look for the friend with best perhaps family, look for an everybody to compare the time of idle and the space that do not get interference, the grievance in working oneself and depression speak out, want to cry, wh whoever cries is not a blame.

"3 years urticant " : In alleged duty field " 3 years urticant " , it is the about that life is in 1956 years old, did not have the new move when the society is being entered first, have a few disappointment to the job, oneself do not want to do what what be engaged in most, lost oneself life aim, have a few confused, look not clear where is oneself bright future.

With post gabble forum is popular seniority

Just graduated, what should face again " 3 years urticant " , just东莞夜网
know what is youth does not have valence now.

-- little love

Work 3 years, spellbound, angst, cannot calculate a novice again anyhow on professional career and technical career, did not make clear oneself life and technical direction again however. Understood what makes ideal and real difference slowly, determination wants to be changed somewhat, but do not know again from why proceed with.

-- Lanren

3 years itching is because of the person different! If have a cause, be in charge of it a few years to also won't itch! Just should be 3 years rise getaway beginning.

-- peach

Not be everybody has " 3 years urticant " , still have a lot of unknown factors, encounter this kind of situation really, should need to adjust individual state of mind, find out the reason of the problem, enrich oneself. "3 years urticant " it is one of bottleneck that when life experiences different level, appear, resemble the university entrance exam, it is setting and result differred to just stop nevertheless, the key is the issue that how selects.

-- ceaselessCoughfish

 Urticant disease type:

   The first class: The profession is listless.

Was tired of existing working way, lost the enthusiasm to the job, everyday early morning awakes, think of to want to work to be blocked up unbearably with respect to understanding mouth the document that at hand sees with respect to rusty; before; sees; of straight tuck diveseethe sits in desk in the elevator heart in company building wants to give them ripped etc.

   The 2nd class: Angst is pressing disease.

Circled big round one return start again, youth already was absent, what competition advantage do oneself have?

   The 3rd class: Indecisive disease.

Malcontent to existing working status, but cannot abandon because of certain reason again.

   The 4th class: Spellbound disease.

Oneself do not want to do the work most, future does not know be in He Fang, have ideal and ambition for nothing, but comes true without time and energy.

   The 5th class: Lose disease.

Ever was " an unusually lucky person " , in the bazaar of each trying to cheat the other, him what discovering is not, do not know even oneself oneself.

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